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LAPAK JUNKYARD INDONESIA (Champion of Recycling) Bergerak di Bidang Metal Recycling dan penampungan besi tua / scrap dengan berbagai jenis (kaleng, besi tua, tembaga, AL, kuningan, Gram, dll)

Who We Are

Lapak Besi Junkyard Indonesia : strift mainly in steel scrap since 2009. We have 3000m area to accomodate all type of metal scraps (Alumunium, Tin Can / kaleng, Copper, Gramm) and other type of non-metal waste (Plastic (sort), BioDiesel, Paper waste, Cabble) etc.

Lapak besi Junkyard locally nown as Pusat Rongsok Jakarta. We serve to buy and sell all scrap from local collector (pengepul lokal setempat / eceran / harian dengan sistem timbang bayar cash) and paid them by Tonnage / Kilos.

Salvage Junkyard

Our other division that mainly targeted and looked forward other company level, big project , sunken ship, ship wrecking, Official Auction and Tender Project. We are ready to assist as salvage team, to salvage sunken ship, and also buy/supplies all metal scrap.

Industrial and Company Waste Recycling Solution

JUNKYARD INDONESIA assists many different industries in recycling ALL metals and include automotive parts. We are proud to help companies reduce their carbon and waste with our easy recycling and scrap services and we can buy from you instead.

JUNKYARD INDONESIA mengakomodir banyak bidang industrial dan manufaktur / fabrikasi dengan melakukan recycle dan mengurangi limbah dan carbon sisa proses industri. Kami juga dengan senang hati membeli limbah anda secara rutin.

  • Contracting & Demolition: By recycling components from construction and demolition projects, companies contribute to affordable housing with a rise in recycled building materials.
  • Plumbing & Electrical: Recycle scrap metal, wiring and other leftovers from electrical and plumbing projects.
  • Heating & Air Conditioning: Heating and cooling units contain a number of recyclable materials, reducing time, energy and resources by scrapping the leftovers.
  • Computer & Technology: Nearly 100% of electronic waste (e-waste) is recyclable, however only 15-20% ever actually makes it to a recycling facility.
  • Automotive: 90% of a vehicle's components today are recyclable materials. Every new ton of steel made from scrap materials saves 2,500 lbs. of iron ore, 1,400 lbs. of coal, and 120 lbs. of limestone.
  • Machine Shops & Manufacturers: Manufacturing giant General Mills generates $1 billion each year from recycling scrap materials. Recycle cast aluminum, brass and other metals, saving resources and keeping harmful toxins out of our landfills and soil.
  • Scrappers (Pengepul Scrap Besi Tua Lokal): People who Scrap & Recycle. The more waste kept out of landfills, the more we reduce the toxins in our soil.